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Tangible Personal Property

All individuals and business entities who own or lease personal property located within Kentucky on January 1 must file a tangible property tax return known as Kentucky Revenue Form 62A500 (PDF) with the Property Valuation Administrator’s (PVA) Office.

EFFECTIVE BEGINNING WITH JANUARY 1, 2024 ASSESSMENT YEAR:  If the sum of all of the taxable tangible personal property’s fair cash value is $1,000 or less for each address, the property owner shall not be required to file a return.  For details, please review the Tangible Personal Property Tax Forms and Instructions.

What Is Tangible Personal Property

Personal property consists of items such as office furniture and equipment; store, business and professional trade fixtures; leasehold, machinery, manufacturing and non-manufacturing equipment; free standing signs; raw materials; inventories of all kinds; aircraft and other personal items that may have value or utility. All tangible property is taxable, except the following:

  • Personal household goods used in the home

  • Crops grown in the year which the assessment is made and in the hands of the producer

  • Tangible personal property owned by institutions exempted under Section 170 of the Kentucky Constitution

If you have any tangible property questions, please contact the Division of State Valuation at 502-564-2557.

Tangible Personal Property Checklist

  • File a separate tangible property tax return (Form 62A500 (PDF)) for each property location. Kentucky does not allow consolidated and joint returns.

  • The return must include the property location by street address and county. A post office box is not acceptable as the property address.

  • Enter your Social Security or Federal Employer Identification Number on all returns, schedules, attachments, and correspondence.

  • Sign all returns and include telephone number(s).

  • File returns with the Property Valuation Administrator or Kentucky Revenue Cabinet by May 15th.

  • All returns postmarked after May 15 will be assessed additional penalties and applicable interest by the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet. Personal property tax returns cannot be filed with your income tax return.

  • There is no filing extension provision for tangible personal property tax returns.

  • Please do not send payment with the return. Tax bills will be mailed to you by the county sheriff.

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