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Property Tax

Property tax bills are issued in the fall. A 2% discount is available if paid by November 30, 2023. Face value until January 5, 2024, penalty is added on January 6, 2024. Interest on any past due amount will accrue monthly beginning on February 1st.

2023 tax rate:

Real Estate: .3550 per $ 100 of assessed value

User Fee: .0370 per $ 100 of assessed value

Mobile homes are billed a flat fee rate of $ 50.00 per year due by Janaury 31st of each year.

Flatwoods uses the assessment provided by the Greenup County PVA Office. 

To lookup a Greenup County tax bill visit the Greenup County Sheriff's Office website.

On the 1st of every month there is 1% interest added to the balance. Please contact the office for current pay-off balance.

Search for Tax Bill Status by clicking "Here."

Property Tax Clerk:

Lacy Harris:

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