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City Government

The City of Flatwoods functions under a strong mayor form of government. The mayor and six council members are elected by a city-wide vote (at-large) in non-partisan elections, and the mayor serves a 4 year term while council members serve a two year term.  They serve as the legislative and policy making body of the municipal government. Together they enact city ordinances, appropriate funds to conduct city business, provide vital services, and formulate policies and procedures for the efficient ongoing operation of all city services as set forth by city council. The City has various authorities, committees, and commissions who make recommendations to city council. 

City of Flatwoods Kentucky Mayors in Chronological Order

1938-1952             Board of Trustees
1952-1957             George Edward Kiger
1957-1962             L.G. Mullins
1962-1965             Cecil Castle
1965-1968             Charles Holsinger
1968-1970             Lester Tackett
1970-1971             Bob Ford
1971-1972             Walter Hilburn
1972-1976             T.L Groves
1976-1981             Jean Mitchell
1981-1989             T.L. Groves
1989-2015             Bobby F. Crager
2015-2022             Ron Fields
2223-Present        Buford Hurley II

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