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2013-2014 Budget
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2014-2015 Budget
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Building & Zoning

Building & Zoning Permit
Building & Zoning Permit Application for the City of Flatwoods


Business Licenses

In Home Business
"In Home" Business, Flatwoods Code, Ordinance No. 13-1969 Section 301

Business License Fee Schedule
Business License Fee Schedule, Gross Receipts, License is based on Fiscal Year (July 1 - June 30)

Business License Information
Business License Information - necessary for City of Flatwoods records and will be held in strict confidence

Estimated Gross Receipts
Declaration of Estimated Gross Receipts License Fee

Gross Receipts License Fee Return
Gross Receipts License Fee Return - The Previous year actual receipts, Ordinance 11-1984



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Page 2
City of Flatwoods Employment Application - Please download and complete both pages. Applications can be returned to the front office of the city building.



Flatwoods Ordinance Master List
This page contains all current ordinances for the City of Flatwoods

International Property Maintenance Code
This ordinance allows the City to enforce codes on property owners in regard to the condition of their property. The codes are to ensure that the property is maintained. The grass and weeds are to be kept cut, yard debris removed, and no junk vehicles. This ordinance also pertains to the condition of the physical structure (house, building, etc). The codes give guidelines to the City for condemnation of abandoned property or property not up to current code.

Burning Ordinance
Burning Ordinance for the City of Flatwoods

House Number Ordinance
Ordinance regulating display of street numbers on residences within the City of Flatwoods

Dog Ownership Ordinance
Dog Ownership Ordinance for the City of Flatwoods


*Note: All ordinances may be viewed in their entirety at the Flatwoods City Building - Front Office


Public Works

Consumer Confidence Report
City of Flatwoods Water Quality Report for year 2013 KY-0450132

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